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Tuesday, August 10th 2010

10:17 AM

Automatic Litter Boxes - Making the Right Choice

However, a lot of people do not know that a number of automatic kitty litter boxes can be considerably more trouble to handle than they are really worth. On account that automatic litterboxes are a fairly recent product, a lot of brands aren't adequately designed. Some litterboxes have motors that are so loud they are able to wake you up whilst you're asleep. The truth is, in accordance with opinions they leave on various websites, owners of some specific badly-designed automatic litterboxes really wished they had not obtained one.

Then again, there are litterboxes that are well-designed, that a good many users are satisfied with. Though nearly every product has the possibilities of malfunctioning, some are less likely to cause issues for their owners than others. Having used some of these devices myself, and having read a good deal of feedback from consumers of various brands, I decided to recommend the ones below as the most effective available today.

It is quiet when it operates, and limits odour relatively well. Although it comes with a somewhat heavy price-tag, the fact that the Litter Robot has small operating costs and that most consumers find it to need little upkeep makes it one of the finest automatic kitty litter boxes currently on the market. Having used it myself, I'm very happy with the low maintenance, low ongoing costs, and the efficiency of the Litter Robot, and therefore highly recommend it to you.

2) Petsafe Simply Clean

There is no risk of kitty getting its claws jammed in any moving components because it isn't exposed to any. Odours are insignificant as the cleaning is continuous. Best of all, it can be purchased at a decent price tag. Because of this, I would not recommend that you go with Petsafe if your kitty has soft waste. 3) ScoopFree

ScoopFree has the traditional design shared by many automated boxes, composed of a rake that drags waste to a throw-away tray after the kitty leaves. What is special about this box is that it utilizes litter crystals that can be used permanently ( i.e. does not need to be replaced ) that absorb piss as well as dry out fecal material to manage the odour. On top of the low upkeep costs, this litterbox has a low upfront purchase price. The sole continuing cost is for the expendable tray, which must be replaced when it becomes full. Moreover, this litterbox does not necessitate much human intervention. However, a few customers have complained about the motor being too loud, and the odor being notable. All in all, though, I would still suggest this litter box as being one of the finest ones available on the market today.

4) Cat Genie

The most beneficial thing is that this box is able to take care of its own cleanness by automatically washing and blowing itself dry. The installation at the beginning might be more trouble than with other cat litter boxes, but the fact that it is self-cleaning and self-flushing more than compensates for the original time investment. Do keep in mind though that the Cat Genie does use a sani-solution for self-cleaning, and this will need to be purchased and replaced on a regular basis. However , considering that almost all of the buyer feedback on this product has been good, this litter box is still commended.

You are encouraged to do your own investigating online before making a purchase decision. Just do not assume that any automatic cat litter box will do more of the grimy work to make your life easier - some will, and some won't. You are welcomed to visit AutomaticLitterBoxes.net to discover more about the most well liked automatic kitty litter boxes on the market today.
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Tuesday, August 10th 2010

10:17 AM

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